The Summer Inquiry Activity of SUIS – Qingpu

Recently, all SUISQP staff attended the first strategic development conference in the campus. In the morning, school leaders led us to brainstorm about the school’s blueprint.

In the conference, the Executive Principal of SUIS-Qingpu, Sunny Huang, briefly introduced the school profile. The General Principal, Maxine Lu, introduced core values, vision and mission, the school culture, orientation of development and plan for the first academic year, etc. What impressed all teachers was the new interpretation of SUIS.

 “S”refers to:Put Students at the center of all of our work.

 “U”refers to:Believe Unity in diversity.

 “I”refers to:Encourage collaborative Inquiry learning.

 “S”refers to:And prepare for their future Successes.

After that, teachers took turns to join in the different workshops. The topics  are various  from all aspects.There are “ School culture and policies”, “ Curriculum and teaching”, “Teachers’professional ethics and development”, and “Student cultivation and School-Family communication”.   The clearer curriculum goal was set during the heated discussion among all teachers, adhering to the core value  “the East meets the West”. Expecially , teachers shared their opinions and suggestions about how to use the new-tech or intelligence to cultivate well-rounded students by creating initiative and interactive curriculum in our future-oriented campus.

Ms.Maxine Lu introduced the extra curriculum plan about Calabash which located in Jinshan at last. We all couldn’t wait to experience the new activities.