About Qingpu

Shanghai United International School Qingpu Campus (SUIS – Qingpu Campus)

SUIS – Qingpu Campus was established on the 25th anniversary of the Xiehe Education Group. It had the opportunity and is committed to building the largest school with the most complete curriculum and facilities in Shanghai. These include more comprehensive knowledge, richer resources and a better staff, courtesy of the development experience of the Group and the sister schools. At the same time, SUIS – Qingpu Campus is the only one in the Shanghai under the Xiehe Group with high-end teacher and student dorm.

SUIS Qingpu Campus, adhering to “East Meets West” initiative, promotes co-leadership between Chinese and foreign principals, initiates the practice of teaching in teams with Chinese and foreign teachers, develops exchange and interaction between Chinese and foreign students, and builds an international school culture.


In the 2019 school year, we will mainly enroll Grade 1 students in the primary school and Grade 6 students in the middle school. There is a small quota of students to be enrolled in other grades. Please call us for more information. The number of students to be enrolled in each grade shall accord with the number approved by the education bureau.

Hotline: 13061887686