About SUIS Qingpu

Shanghai United International School Qingpu Campus was established on the 25th anniversary of the Xiehe Education Group. It has the opportunity and is committed to building the largest school with the most complete curriculum and facilities in Shanghai. These include more comprehensive knowledge, richer resources and a better staff, courtesy of the development experience of the Group and the sister schools. At the same time, SUIS Qingpu Campus is the only one in the Shanghai under the Xiehe Group with high-end teacher and student dorm.

SUIS Qingpu Campus, adhering to “East Meets West” initiative, promotes co-leadership between Chinese and western principals, initiates the practice of teaching in teams with Chinese and western teachers, develops exchange and interaction between students from all of the world, and builds an international school culture.

The Core Values

Realising the educational changes and potentials in and beyond China, Xiehe Education has forged its own core value through years of consistent exploring and development. Surely the same to a new school, SUIS Qingpu will be continuously dedicated to such a “core value of harmonious development where the East meets the West “.

The Vision and Mission

The School is committed to offering an opportunity to all students from diverse background with different choices, so as to meet their various interests and needs, highlighting the bilingual communication potentials and bi-cultural interpersonal skills, and striving to create an intelligent learning community where people are directed to their life-long study with global perspectives.

The Aims

The School is committed to developing our learners as students of excellence and balance, as citizens responsible for the Nation and the world, and as leaders with spirit and heart.

Three years strategic development plan (2019 – 2022)

Over the School development,

Complete a K12 all-through campus ranging from Grade One in Primary to Grade Twelve in High School, with the capacity of around 1500 students. The high calibre of teaching staff both from local and international will create a reasonable structure in terms of age, gender, experience and qualifications, of which the professionalism, dedication and happiness can be seen through the teaching and learning.

Over the academic curriculum,

Finish a consistent curricular system, and its map straining through three divisions of primary, middle and high schools, with the strengths of clear stages, modules and being selective; bridge up the multiple university pathways by combining various curricula and modules; clearly correlate the School Aims against the curricular settings.

Over the co-curriculum,

Further enrich and extend the extent of co-curriculum, such as music, art, sports, drama and outdoor activities, including various events or clubs opening to all students and the intensive courses prepared for some special talents so as to empower the school teams or clubs to higher standards.

Over teaching and learning,

First welcome the Grade Nine to Middle School and Grade Twelve to High School. By the year 2023, there will have been a farewell to two graduating year groups in two divisions, and the results will reach the top rank comparing both to Xiehe schools and schools in Qingpu District. Apart from those graduates, students from Grade Three and Five will have taken ISC tests, Grade Seven and Eight students will have received their MAP results, and Grade Nine and Ten will have sit in IGCSE exams, of which the results will meet the required standards.

Over the boarding,

Create Xiehe boarding system, ‘the family out of home’, where all boarders will be taken care with the 21st century skills in academics, interests, social interactions and leadership etc.

Over the intelligent learning community,

Complete the implementation of digital intelligence in the School, creating safe and healthy environment for teaching and learning. The collection, analysis and categorisation of information data will be automatically processed by digital intelligence, by which staff will be released from the repeated work so as to focus on teaching and learning.

Over School management,

Further improve the school management structure and policies, encouraging those who are close to students and classroom teaching to make right decisions. Resources will be available to ensure healthy and sustainable development. All parties relevant to the school development will be well connected and communicated so as to promote a strong positive image in local communities.