SUIS-QP was founded in September,2020. Currently, it has introduced IGCSE and A-level curriculum resources. The school has been accredited as amember school by Cambridge Assessment International Education, Pearson Edexcel,and has been approved to establish the Cambridge Professional DevelopmentCentre and the Duke of Edinburgh Award School. It greatly enriches all kinds ofeducation, teaching and student activity resources, and provides more space forcourse selection.

Welcome to SUISQingpu High School


Educational philosophy

The philosophy for our High School is thateverything in education is to develop our interests and abilities, and focus onlife-long Learning. Teaching can only be evaluated as successful if it has avisible impact on improving learning efficiency, both constantly andconsistently.


Three major courses

At SUISI Qingpu High School, we areoffering Academic curriculum, Co-curricular Activities and Boarding pastoralcares, a holistic development to support our students to further develop theareas in academic literacy, interests, personality strengths and expertise.Subjects are set up with the consideration of holisticdevelopment as well. Humanities, science and technology, business andeconomics, Liberal arts and sports provide students with opportunities andpotentials. IGCSE and A-LEVEL curricula are supported with differentiatedlearning strategies and tutorial system with a group of eight to ten students.Each individual will be guided to create their own bespoke career developmentplan, leading to a successful university application.



Teaching language

High School Division has always adhered to theeducational concept of the East Meets West. It is co-managed by Chinese andforeign experts and co-taught by Chinese and foreign teachers. It ischaracterized by the integration of Chinese and Western cultures. We firmlybelieve that subject knowledge and language should be of equal importance. Therefore,the bilingual and bi-cultural potentials of teaching languages will behighlighted. In terms of language environment, we advocate  English communication. In terms of teaching,we will adopt three teaching language modes, which are all Chinese, all Englishand bilingual, according to the characteristics of the subjects. It can notonly improve Chinese and English language literacy, but also expand the depthof subject knowledge, so as to achieve global study with a solid academicfoundation and high-level language ability.


Union College Entrance Examination

In SUIS-QP, every experienced tutor will be a reliablecareer guidance teacher for students. Professional career and university guidancewill also be integrated into the regular courses, and the academic, ability,accomplishment and quality etc. will be reasonably planned and trained. Inaddition, we will reasonably allocate global resources to establish aprofessional university application group, which assist our students pursue theworld’s top universities, and realize worldwide education.


Boarding Concord

Boarding Department in SUIS-QP is a local optimizationbased on the British Boarding System, which not only has the advantages andcharacteristics of the traditional British Boarding System, but also meets thehumanistic needs of Chinese local students. Housemaster/mistress will track theacademic growth of students. The subject teachers, as tutors, are fullyinvolved in the management of the hostel and provide students with comprehensivepastoral care. House supervisors are the core management of Boarding Houses. Wewill optimize the non-teaching time and improve students’ self-managementability, social communication practice ability and independent learning abilitythrough a series of activities such as organizing social courses and extendedcourses.


Campus culture

Integrity, persistence and dedication are values that can be found in our school, but respect is always the most important and goes beyond out learning community. So we are always dedicated to: Put Students at the center of all of our work,  Believe Unity in diversity,  Encourage collaborative Inquiry learning, And prepare for their future Successes.

At SUIS-Qingpu High School, we are also committed to offering an opportunity to all students from diverse background with different choices, so as to meet their own various interests and needs. We are also highlighting on the bilingual communication potentials and bi-cultural interpersonal skills, and striving to create an intelligent learning community, where people are directed to their life-long study with global perspectives.