Founded in 2019, Shanghai United International School Qingpu Campus is located in Yejin Road, Zhaoxiang Town, Qingpu District. SUIS Qingpu offers a safe and healthy environment within kindergarten, primary, middle and high schools that form a completely cohesive K12 campus. It has been designed to be the future school model for Xiehe Education. SUIS Qingpu fully demonstrates the advantages of a sustainable intelligent learning environment. As to the facilities, the open and integrated learning atmosphere benefits from the clustered design of classrooms. For teaching, the intelligent management system speeds up, supports and is adaptable to the changes in learning styles. Thanks to these benefits, the school has been warmly welcomed and has received such positive attention from parents and the local community that more than 800 families joined us to form our inaugural school in Qingpu.

Shanghai United International School Qingpu Campus is registered as a Cambridge International School and Cambridge Professional Development Centre, which has greatly enriched teaching resources and has provided more flexibility for course selections.


SUIS Qingpu Middle and High Schools adopt a seven-year continuum curriculum, and introduce domestic and western high-quality education resources for the design of periodic integration. Academic courses, co-curriculum activities and an enriched boarding environment provide the students with opportunities for their balanced development in academics, personality, strengths, qualities and interests.

The High School curriculum fully considers the balance of Social Science Study, Math & Science, Business & Economic, Arts and Sports. Focusing on academic courses, SUIS Qingpu provides the students with great opportunities for arts, design and sports through rich co-curriculum activities and tutorial boarding. At the same time, IGCSE and A-Level are introduced, which further enriches the options of course selections.

In the residential boarding houses, we adopt a Tutorial Boarding System. Each experienced teacher tutors and supports individually between 5 to 10 students, empathically and comprehensively guiding students to consider their academics, abilities and quality of application, establishing a continuous career file, broadening the channels and achievements for further studies worldwide. They support students to help them make mature choices and are there to emotionally support them within the boarding house, giving reassurance and a point of contact for parents on a regular basis.

Three Main Curricula

No. 1 Core Academics

Core Academics is the foundation and basis of all development. Grade 10 students have both compulsory courses and elective courses. There are 18 subjects to choose from, covering languages, social studies, math & science, design, arts and sports, which not only improve students’ learning abilities, but also help them choose the subject areas that match their interests in the future. The tutorial system helps students find their own strengths and expertise.

No. 2 Co-Curriculum Activities

Co-Curriculum Activities are an important supplement to Core Academics. They are the extension of the academics, and they can satisfy students’ hobbies and cultivate teamwork and leadership through practical activities.

No. 3 Tutorial Boarding

Tutorial Boarding is an important path to holistic education. Students develop their communication skills and collaborative ability by participating in the self-management association. They also find their own strong points in sports and art activities.

Bilingual & Bi-Cultural

SUIS Qingpu High School is continuously dedicated to having a “core value of harmonious development where the East meets the West”. Managed by both Chinese and Western experts that ensures cooperative teaching by both Chinese and Western teachers, the school provides a great fusion of Chinese and Western cultures. We firmly believe that subject knowledge should be as important as language acquisition. Therefore, our education is focused on bilingualism and bi-culturalism. We encourage students to communicate in English. During classes, we adopt three language modes: full Chinese, full English and bilingual teaching according to different subjects. Students develop linguistically as well as expanding the depth of their subject knowledge, and achieve the solid academic foundation and language skills needed for further studies worldwide.

College & University Applications


SUIS Qingpu High School fully respects each student’s personal development in terms of educational progression and curriculum. IGCSE and A-Level curricula help students achieve further studies worldwide.

At SUIS Qingpu, every tutor is an experienced teacher that students can trust to help support them and their family when making future life-planning decisions. Professional college and university guidance is also integrated within the regular curriculum. In addition, a professional CUG team will keep students up-to-date with global resources, information and a comprehensive application service to help students achieve further studies in top universities worldwide.

Tutorial Boarding

SUIS Qingpu Boarding is based on the British boarding system. It not only has the advantages of traditional British boarding, but is also suitable for local Chinese students. Houses are managed by houseparents who are also in charge of students’ studies. Besides houseparents, many people participate in the houses’ management and support. Subject teachers are fully involved in boarding management as tutors, providing students with 360-degree pastoral care. We optimize students’ after school time by various practical activities to improve their self-management, social communication and self-learning.