School Mission

·Emphasizing the personal as well as the academic development of the students, so that children become adaptable, moral, thoughul and co-operative individuals.

·Merging Chinese and Western teaching and learning approaches, practicing bilingualism and ensuring that children are confident in English as well as in Chinese.

·Providing a highly qualified International education that prepares young children for the future, supporting their development into global citizens and proud representatives of their national cultures.

Out Belief

We recognize the children’s rights to participate in high-quality education programs that encourage active learning, problem solving, effective communication, creativity, social adjustment and participation.
We believe that all children, irrespective of nationality and cultural background, deserve a welcoming, nurturing, open and tolerant environment where to grow and develop.

Types of Activities

·Interesting and structured learning activities

·Rich and exploring hands-on Activity Areas

·Fun and independent free-play time

·Wonderful and socially involved field trips

Theme-based Curriculum

Based on a diversity of themes, the lessons we design accomplish bilingual oral expression, scientific discovery, artistic expression and harmonious physical development. Circle time, audio-visual voyages, math and computer games, drawing
diary, nap-time stories, field-trips, weekend activities, family brainstorming research and many other such activities are excellent opportunities to cater to every students individual needs.

More About Us

·Managed by Xiehe Education Group, a professional education institute with high social and academic reputation, managing 33 schools in Shanghai

·Meeting individual needs by small group teaching methods

·A large variety of clubs to meet the children’s individual interests

·On-site doctor caring for health, hygiene and nutrition

·Extensive play areas, resource rooms and a generous outdoor layground

·Enrolling children from 2 to 6 years old

·Connected with Shanghai United International School Qingpu Campus maintaining bilingual basic education

·International exchange: Ecole Primaire Bizanet, Grenoble, France and Nunney First School, Somerset, UK

·A caring and positive atmosphere

·An international curriculum accredited by AdvancED, and an American Phonics teaching program Sing, Spell, Read & Write

·A stable team of dedicated and professional Western and Chinese teachers

Contact us

Address: No. 32 Yejin Rd., Qingpu District, Shanghai
Tel:021-5978 8650 or 130-2026-7686